Artist Journals

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“An art diaryart journal or visual journal is a daily journal kept by artists, often containing both words and sketches, and occasionally including multimedia elements such as collages. Such books will frequently contain rough workings, in cartoon form, of ideas later to appear in finished works, as well as acting as a normal diary, by allowing the artist to record their day-to-day activities and emotions.

These diaries not only give art historians a valuable opportunity to explore the creation process of these finished works, but they are a useful biographical tool.

Many famous artists are known for their art diaries – the sketchbooks of Leonardo da Vinci are probably the best known example. Other artists to have used art journals include Frida Kahlo.[1]

The contemporary art diary can take a form of a video journal and is sometimes immediately available to the public, either in the form of a YouTube page or blog.”

Some pages from my Journals

Journals and how to use them

Comment Title URL
Good “YouTube” video about how to use your journal. Truth About Sketchbooks and Journals
Pages from a travel journal Recent Travel Journal




Journal Inspirational artists


Great example of an artist book Moleskine Stefano Faravelli notebook @ Detour exhibition
Another good example from the same project Moleskine Ragnar Kjartansson notebook @ Detour exhibition
Not exactly artist journals but good examples of drawing as a record of the world around you William Kentridge II
Overpass William Kentridge
Frida Kahlo Journal  Link 1
 Link 2
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